“ProC-Trading” Program

  1. You are a successful trader and know how to make a profit on Forex?
  2. Do you want ATIORA to invest $80 000 into you?
  3. Do you want to get up to 90% of the profit gained?

If all your answers are “YES” then Pro Capital Trading project is for you!

Pro Capital Trading (short for “ProC-Trading“) from Atiora – a project that does not have regional and time frames, as a result of which our company is ready to give to the managemer of the best traders in excess of $200 000.

Thus, our program ProC-Trading will allow you to have available funds exceeding your own capital at times and get up to 90% of the profit gained from the investment account.

Funds in management can eceed trader`s initial capital more than 500 times.

We are interested in long-term cooperation under the heading “Success” and therefore consciously take all the risks. The trader has no restrictions in possible losses and drawdowns by only its pledge. For each trade Forex trader who is participant of ProC-Trading Program uses all account deposit, given to him for management.


Apply to participate in “ProC-Trading” program

For experienced traders with a trading history in the accounts of Atiora or other companies we offer an opportunity to participate in the program without passing the qualifying tournament ProC-Trading Challenge. To do this, you must provide information about your trading, as well as a deposit to Investment account at Personal Cabinet.

Participate in ProC-Trading Challenge

If there is no history of trade on a real account client can take part in a special selection. As the result of which will be decided on the admission to the first stage of the program.
ProC-Trading Challenge – a special tournament from the company with which you can become a member of Pro Capital Trading.


  1. No risk! Unlike many others, we have developed a multi-level scheme of “10 steps towards success” provides starting from the second stage managent only company money without investing its own funds.
  2. Company funds can exceed a thousand times trader`s pledge. To participate in the project requires starting capital of only $1000 and managed funds could reach $100,000 or more. And while the trader receives up to 90% of gained profit.
  3. We do not limit potential losses by trader`s pledge.
  4. Any trading strategy allowed.
  5. Competitive conditions and a huge variety of trading tools.
  6. You get a real opportunity for a great career! The best traders will be integrated into the team and be able to use the total capital of the group to select the best strategies and intelligently allocate risks by increasing the overall profitability. You have a real chance to become not just a party, but also the leader of such team!

Pro Capital Trading – this is your chance to go to a new level of trading! Do not miss it!

Full conditions of ProC-Trading program

Atiora Broker provides ProC-Trading with constant risk-management support and automated risk control on the basis of unique software specially developed by IT-specialists of the company.

You can be not just a member of team of high-level professionals, but also become top-manager, head of ProC-Trading team and get total capital under management.


Trading conditions

  1. Leverage 1:100.
  2. Stop-out 100%.
  3. Available instruments for trading: Forex and Metals.
  4. Usage of expert advisers is forbidden on the first 6 stages.
  5. Trades are held within a month on the first 7 stages.
  6. Amount of trading days during which orders were opened should be equal of exceed half of general amount of trading days of ProC-Trading stage.
  7. Other conditions are given in the “10 steps to success” table.
  8. Every participant of the program must keep a blog on Atiora Broker website with description of strategies which are used in his trading.
  9. Every participant of the program can have only 1 active ProC-Trading account.

Stages of the program

  1. Оn-line control of ProC-Trading participants is held both automatically and manually. Trading system and risk-management department of the company analyse trades of the participant and can either level him up, or exclude from the program depending on the performance of these or that conditions.
  2. In case client fulfils all the level up conditions within shortest time, his account is automatically sent to the risk-management department for level up confirmation. In other case the client trades till the end of the period which is twice longer than the minimal.
  3. In case all conditions of levelling-up are fulfilled and the account is checked up by the risk-management department, additional company funds are charged to the client”s account for the next stage.
  4. In case conditions of levelling-up are not fulfilled, but conditions of the current stage are completed, the client can continue trading at the same stage after risk-management department checks the results up.
  5. In case conditions of levelling-up and conditions of the current stage are not fulfilled, but conditions of transferring from the first stage to the second are completed, the client is allowed to continue trading at the previous stage after risk-management department checks the results up. In this case company funds charged to the client”s account for levelling-up are written back.
  6. When the client levels up the 6th stage, his deposit is returned to the account. The deposit withdrawal operations are not possible until the 6th stage.
  7. Funds available for withdrawal are transferred to client”s wallet automatically when current equity exceeds equity of the stage”s start or equity after the last transfer. Equity calculation and funds transfer are carried out once a day unless total transfer amount reaches stage”s maximum size.
  8. Starting from the 8th round traders can team up and monitor trades of each other, communicate in private chat, share strategies and experience, think over mistakes, and exchange predictions.
  9. On the 10th stage the best traders within groups will be able to create and take the lead of their own team in which they will work out collective strategy, accumulate group”s capital to carry out this or that transaction, diversify and hedge risks.
  10. 10th stage will also allow traders to get additional income for both training novice traders and engaging their funds into group”s trades, and for participation in prestigious Forex-exhibitions and special events.

Trading account balance formation

Indicators of trading necessary for getting to the next stage


In case there is no statement on real account, or the trading results do not correspond with requirements, you can participate in ProC-Trading Challenge selection round.

According to the results of the contest the decision of accepting you to the first round of ProC-Trading will be taken.

In case of successful completion through the round you will get prop-account with company’s funds charged on it.

Participation scheme


1. Registration with Atiora

Register client account
and complete verification.

2. Registration in the challenge

Complete challenge registration
filling all the required fields.


Conditions of ProC-Trading Challenge elimination round


  • Trading account initial balance: $100.
  • Leverage: 1:100.
  • Stop-out: 100%.
  • Trading in frame of ProC-Trading Challenge is available since 9:00 till 22:00 from Monday till Friday. At 22:00 all open trades and pending orders are automatically closed.
  • Usage of expert advisers and subscription for trading signals are forbidden.
  • Duration of selection: 1 month.
  • Participation in ProC-Trading Challenge selection round is allowed only once.
  • Minimal profit interest rate: 15%.
  • Minimal number of lots: 5.
  • Maximum draw down: 40% (equity/balance).
  • Maximum deposit loss: 50% ($1000).
  • To complete the selection round successfully, every client must positively close 10 or more trading days.
  • Every participant of elimination round should keep a blog on Atiora Broker website with description of trading strategies in use.
  • In case all the conditions of the selection round are completed, client’s account is sent to risk-management department for verification. The company reserves the right to refuse ProC-Trading account creation in case client’s trading style seems to be inappropriate.

Send request for participation in ProC-Trading

ECN Broker ATIORA offers two options for participation in ProC-Trading program without PROC-TRADING Challenge selection round:

1. Provide invetor’s passwords

Trading report

Access to the first round
of the program

You can become the participant of the first round of ProC-Trading program after you provide investor’s access1 for examination of your statement of trading on real account of Atiora Broker or any other brokerage company with at least 3 months trading period and completed minimal trading conditions2.

Our risk-management department will examine your statement and take a desicion about your participation in the first round of the program.

1) It is necessary to provide investor’s access to MetaTrader4 trading account: login, investor’s password, broker’s name, trading server IP.

2) Account age from 3 months, more than 10 trades, positive profit, real account.


Register on the site

Register client account and complete verification


Deposit account by $100

Make sure that there is $100 on your account or its equivalent enough for writing-off.


Provide investor’s access

For company’s risk-management control

2. Form trading account fund from the personal funds on the first stage.


If trading history
is negative

If history of the real trading account is negative, the client still can participate in prop-trading program. In this case the client has to deposit his Atiora Broker wallet by $100 which will be held back. After that the client gets in the first stage of Atiora Broker ProC-Trading program.


Register on the website

Register client account and complete user certification


Deposit $100 to the account

Make sure that you have $100 on your account or its equivalent available for writing-off


Become participant of the program

Start the first stage of your trading

In both cases after positive decision ProC-Trading account is opened for client. Right after the deposit is carried out the company transfers its funds to the client’s account. Detailed conditions of ProC-Trading program are given on this page.