Расписание торговых сессий рынка Forex

Название сессии Финансовые центры UTC/GMT EET Местное время
Открытие Закрытие Открытие Закрытие Открытие Закрытие
Тихоокеанская Веллингтон 22:00 07:00 01:00 10:00 05:00 14:00
Сидней 00:00 09:00 03:00 12:00 07:00 16:00
Азиатская Токио 00:00 09:00 03:00 12:00 07:00 16:00
Гонконг, Сингапур 01:00 10:00 04:00 13:00 08:00 17:00
Европейская Франкфурт, Цюрих, Париж 07:00 16:00 10:00 19:00 14:00 23:00
Лондон 07:00 16:00 10:00 19:00 14:00 23:00
Американская Нью-Йорк 13:30 22:30 16:30 01:30 20:30 05:30
Чикаго 13:30 22:30 16:30 01:30 20:30 05:30

* Eastern European time: GMT+2 winter; GMT+3 summer

Features of the Sessions:

Pacific Session

Forex starts its working hours when the Pacific session opens on Monday local time. This session is characterized by a rather low volatility, and, as a matter of fact, this is the most peaceful time on the market.

Asian Session

The Pacific session is followed by the Asian session. Currency pairs that include USD, EUR, JPY, and AUD are traded actively during this period. The trading activity of AUD is caused by the intersection of the working time of this session with the Pacific one.

European Session

The opening of the European session starts in financial centers such as those in Frankfurt, Zürich, and Paris. However, trading gets more active only after trading starts in London. There is usually a recession during lunch time, and the activity restarts by evening. A fairly strong volatility may be noticed during the European session, because the European zone has a sufficiently large amount of money turnover.

American Session

The most active time on the foreign exchange market is the beginning of the American session, because it reaches the opening of trading in New York and the renewal of trading in Europe. Fundamental news of special importance are released in the beginning of the American session. It is characterized by sufficient aggressiveness especially on Friday, before the trading is closed.