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As a new comer to the financial world, you will be faced with the dilemma of choosing the right trading markets that will suit your style. The most popular choices among traders are usually the Forex market, which includes currencies trading and some commodities.

The choice also has to do with the amount of capital you’re planning to invest, the hours you’ll be available for trading, your risk-averse habits and many more.

Before taking any decision regarding your choice of trading markets, be sure to go through the below knowledge and examples of commonly picked options.

  • Currencies

    Among the top trading markets, currency pairs can be traded either as a rolling spot FX or a Spread Bet. The price reflects an exchange rate of the two currencies concerned and movement of the rate indicates the strength or weakness of the base currency.

  • Indices

    Index prices represent a market segment of a particular area and can be used to provide an estimation of a nation’s economic or sector performance. We offer some of the highest leverage on a range of global indices.

  • Commodities

    Commodity prices are influenced by many factors, including supply, production, environmental, economic, political and social factors. Our gold and oil rates are among the best in the UK and indeed the global marketplace.

  • Shares

    Our range of UK and US Shares, have margin requirements from as low as 5%. Leveraged trading on shares is free from stamp duty and we optimise transparency by displaying our prices with only the market spread.

  • Metals

    From an investment perspective, precious metals, in particular Gold, have long been regarded as protection again inflation. This makes it suitable when considering hedging strategies. Our precious metal prices are quoted against USD.

  • Treasury Bonds

    Expand your portfolio by trading the value of the Euro Bund, T bond and Dollar Index. This sector is often considered a safe haven in terms of investment. Our quarterly contracts are offered with 200:1 leverage.