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50% Deposit Bonus for Atiora clients

Get bonus on each deposit of your Atiora Forex trading account!

ECN Forex broker Atiora offers Bonus on each deposit of your trading account. The amount of bonus is 50% from deposit sum and can be used as margin for trading and can be withdrawn in the future. The 50% Deposit Bonus is aimed at increasing the trading volume of customers’ accounts and thus help traders realise better trading profit.

To receive the 50% Deposit Bonus customers need to register a live trading account with Atiora broker and submit the “Get the 50% Deposit Bonus” button from Personal Cabinet ticket section.

Atiora ECN broker 50% forex deposit bonus


Step 1. Register a real trading account

You can register a real trading account by clicking the “Open Trading Account” button on the main page or by following this link.

Step 2. Deposit

In order to get the bonus, you should activate your trading account by replenishing it with any amount. You can replenish it using whatever method is more convenient for you. The amount of the deposit is also specified by you.

Step 3. Apply for the 50% Deposit Bonus

After deposit to your trading account please submit new ticket at Support section of Personal Cabinet with your account number. Your account will be automatically received bonus after that.

Step 4. Get 50% Deposit bonus

The 50% Deposit bonus is applied to your deposit as Atiora member for unlimited period of time and will be automatically credited to your account.

Terms & Conditions For 50% Bonus Promotion

General conditions:

  1. 1. Every customer of Atiora company is entitled to receive bonus of 50% of the deposit. The bonus is calculated every time when funding the account and can not be credited to the trading account, which has enlisted other types of bonuses. Each customer can get this bonus an unlimited number of times.
  2. 2. The bonus is only available for accounts that have passed the full verification.
  3. 3. The bonus is the own funds of the company and provided to the client to trade until it worked off.
  4. 4. Bonus is not credited with an internal transfer of funds between the client’s trading accounts.
  5. 5. Customer agrees that after any withdrawal from the trading account, the bonus is canceled in its entirety.
  6. 6. Profit from trading at account with the bonus may be withdrawn at performance of all conditions of this Agreement.
  7. 7. Atiora Company reserves the right to cancel a bonus of 50% with no warning, and therefore not recommended to use bonus amount in the in calculation of the profitability of a trading strategy. The Company is not responsible for any consequences of bonus cancellation, including Stop-out, as the accrued bonus is a 100% owned by the company until it is working off through the opening of the required number of lots under the rules specified in this Agreement.
  8. 8. The Client agrees that in case of detection of signs or suspicion of abuse of the bonus program in the presence of on account of profit commensurate with the deposit, the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and adjust profits derived from its use, the size of the bonus amount without warning and explanation. Customer acknowledges the risks of application of this paragraph.
  9. 9. Account to which has been credited bonuses, ie has a combined balance in total, can not participate in the PAMM system using full balance, as well as any other company’s investment program.
  10. 10. The accounts involved in the PayBack promotion campaign may participate in the bonus promotion.

Combined balance and trading:

  1. 1. By the combined funds is meant sum of customer funds and the amount of extra bonus money granted by the company.
  2. 2. All funds of trading account merged into a combined balance and divided into the customer’s own funds and funds of the company until the bonus amount not worked off.
    • Ratio of own funds on the client’s trading account is calculated as follows: the client’s own funds / current funds.
    • The equity ratio is recalculated after each trade (opening / closing of transactions), the balance transactions (withdrawal / replenishment), and after the cancellation of bonus of transfer from company`s funds to own funds after working off bonus.
  3. 3. Own and bonus money can be used by the client in trading without any restrictions. This bonus money can withstand the drawdown, that is, will not be charged from the account with a decrease in own funds below the level of the bonus up to the moment of occurrence Stop Out.

Trading conditions:

  1. 1. Maximum leverage for customers to receive a bonus of 50% is 1: 100 for ECN Standard and ECN pro accounts 1: 200 Classic and accounts.
  2. 2. The level of margin call for these accounts is 50%.
  3. 3. Stop-out rate for these accounts – 30%.
  4. 4. All other conditions remain unchanged. The client is guided by Customer Agreement and Trading Terms and Conditions of Atiora company in the calculation of margin for open trading positions and the analysis for building up of trading strategy.

Withdrawal and cancellation of bonus:

  1. 1. Customer agrees that the filing of an application for withdrawal of funds will initiate the procedure of cancellation of the bonus.
  2. 2. The client has the right to apply for withdrawal of funds in an amount not greater than his original deposit. Such withdrawal will be processed in accordance with the General Regulations of the financial operations of the Company.
  3. 3. Customer agrees that upon the occurrence of the condition that after the withdrawal from the trading account, the total volume of received bonuses in the account (taken into account is the amount of bonuses, taking into account canceled bonus money) exceeds 50% of the amount of current available real funds of the trader, part of bonus will be cancelled. To avoid cancellation of the bonus in the amount greater than the amount of withdrawal is recommended to refrain from withdrawals, if the sum of all received bonuses in the account exceeds the limit bonus for current available funds after removal.
  4. 4. Bonus 50% can be withdrawn under the fulfilment of condition that the trading volume [amount of bonus / 5] lots in account. For example: deposit $1000 – received $500 of bonus, then the bonus can be withdrawn only if the customer gain by trading: 500/5 = 100 lots. Withdrawable can be able only the whole amount of the received bonus (except for bonus funds which are registered in the account after the Stop Out); the possibility of a partial withdrawal of the bonus is not available.
  5. 5. Profits earned from the results of trading on the account using the combined funds may be withdrawn partially. The amount of profit which may be withdrawn from the account to which was credited bonus is calculated in a ration the bonus funds to own funds.
  6. 6. If Customer have fulfilment the point 3 of this section of Bonus Agreement and the bonus can be withdrawn, then the profits earned as a result of trading on the Combined funds can be withdrawn fully, since after the bonus worked off, bonus funds are no longer considered as borrowed.
  7. 7. The client has the right at any time to abandon of accrued bonus in his Personal Cabinet by sending request via Support tickets. In this case, bonus money will be debited from the customer`s account balance as well as received profit.

Other conditions:

  1. 1. If the bonus amount exceeds 3000 USD and more than 12% of transactions are made with less than 0.01 market lot the bonus may be reduced to 1200 USD. If the bonus amount is more than 10,000 USD and more than 12% of transactions are made with less than 0.1 market lot the bonus may be reduced to 4000 USD.
  2. 2. Terms of bonus campaign may be amended or supplemented by Company without prior notice to its client. Information of changing of Bonus agreement will be placed at News section of Company`s website.

* This clause is aimed at preventing fraud from a bonus system, but its use does not mean that all accounts, for which the company cancels the previously obtained bonuses are found to have violated any rules, since it is not in all cases possible to uniquely identify a violation of the rules. The probability of the erroneous cancellation of bonus in the fight against the abuse of the bonus system is not more than 7%.