For PAMM Managers

Benefits of PAMM-accounts for Managers

Are you successful trader and you want to earn more without spending additional time, effort and money? Then your choice – PAMM-account. PAMM-account is a convenient investment service providing mutually cooperation between Investors and Manager due to trading on financial markets. The main objective of the Manager – the effective management of its capital and aggregate capital of investors. Become a Manager, shows a positive work history, attract investors and get a reward for successful trading.

Create your PAMM account with ATIORA!

How to become a Manager

  1. Register and open PAMM account
    Security of your funds is ensured by two-factor authentication
  2. Deposit funds to your account
    We provide many ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  3. Start making profit
    Your investment is allocated to the Manager’s account. The profit/loss is then distributed
    proportionally depending on the amount invested by each participant.