For PAMM Investors

Benefits of PAMM accounts for Investor

Are you new in the financial markets, and want to earn as a professional? Or you have already tried their hand in trading, but it is not enough time? Start earning via PAMM accounts. PAMM system is a popular investment service that provides the most advantageous cooperation between Manager as a professional trader and Investors. Manager engaged in trading on the PAMM-account for which he receives remuneration from investors. Profit and losses are distributed proportionally between the parties of PAMM account. The main objective of the Investor – to choose the Manager that can be done with a convenient PAMM-accounts rating. Start to earn together with professionals!

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How to choose PAMM Manager?

Good Manager is a key element of a competent investment in the PAMM-account. In order to get consistent returns, it is important to invest the PAMM-account managed by professional trader.

On the website you can find the rating of Managers and obtain detailed information about each account. The list includes a set of several key indicators sorting of which Investor can choose the right trader.

Keep an eye on the account’s monthly profit and account balance – the higher they are, the more probable successful outcome is.

Once you allocate funds to the Managers’ account, he/she can start placing trades using the pooled funds. The profit is distributed among the manager and all the investors depending on the amount deposited by each of them.

How to become an Investor?

  1. Register and open PAMM account
    Security of your funds is ensured by two-factor authentication.
  2. Deposit funds to your account
    We offer a large variety of ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  3. Choose the Manager in PAMM rating
    From trading efficiency of chosen Manager depends your future income.
  4. Send an investment request
    Think about the amount you are willing to invest. The greater the investment, the greater the income and risks. Pay attention to the basic parameters of the PAMM.
  5. Start getting profit
    Your investment is allocated to the Manager’s account. The income from his trade is distributed between him and investors based on the each participant investment.