PAMM investments

For Managers

Successfully trading at the financial markets?

Then PAMM service accounts from ATIORA for you!

Open a PAMM-account, to attract investors and generate additional revenue for the successful management of investments. All calculations are automatic and transparent. PAMM-account for manager – the way to success!

For Investors

Do not have the time or experience to start a full-fledged trade in the financial markets?

With PAMM-service Atiora you can make money with the help of professional managers. Select a trader in the ranking, invest the necessary amount in his account and make a profit from his trading. PAMM account for investor – the most intelligent and safe way of investment today!

How is it different?

PAMM provides maximum simplicity and transparency. Unlike the mutual fund and similar services, there is no threshold of investment, so investors can enter the market with any amount, provided the proposal of the Manager.

From an investor’s perspective, PAMM is more convenient to copy services deals with the ability to invest any amount, thereby reducing the risks as well as due to the significant capital increase of the Manager.

For PAMM managers it is a great opportunity to increase trading capital and the commission received from investors as a result of trade.

About PAMM accounts

PAMM-account – an investment service that enables investors to generate profit not trading at his own risk and for experienced trader – to increase profits through commissions from investments.

PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) accounts allow money managers to manage multiple accounts without having to establish an investment fund or firm.

Manager opened PAMM-account continue making the usual trade. Any trader can connect to the Manager selected him in the rankings. Once connected to PAMM-account Manager the trader becomes Investor. PAMM-investor puts in Manager`s trade own funds, thereby increasing cash flow on a managed account.

As a result of Manager`s trades the profit is automatically distributed between Manager and his Investors in proportion of made investments by each PAMM-investor. For successful work Manager receives remuneration from investors.

The system of investment service is fully automated which guarantees the transparency of payments between the parties. The Manager does not have access to the investor`s funds and the obligatory making its own start-up capital to the account that provides additional security to all participants.

Create your PAMM account with ATIORA!

How it works

How it works

How can I earn money with PAMM?

PAMM account is the perfect tool to increase profitability for both novice and experienced traders.

Become Investor and let professional traders share their experience with you and bring you even more profit! PAMM account is also an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

Become Manager and increase your profit with successful management. Trade actively to show consistently good results to get the best rating!