How to become a signal provider

  • If you have an account on just sign in to it, if you do not have an account – sign up.
  • In the profile on, open the tab “Seller” and sign in, entering every detail required in the registration questionnaire.
  • Application to be registered as a Seller will be delivered for processing to the Moderator.
  • After obtaining approval of the Moderator, a trader will receive an SMS “You are approved as a Seller on” and a personal message on, saying “Seller’s Profile: your application to get the status of a Seller is approved”.
  • Go to the «Signals» section on the site and click the link “Create my own signal”.
  • Fill in the form on the page appeared, indicating basic information about the new signal (name, name of the broker, the cost of subscriptions to your signal, login and investor password of your trading account.) All the information about the signal should be printed using Latin characters.